Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Integrated platform for UBO due diligence and AML screening

FinScan’s UBO solution offers an efficient and automated workflow to identify, verify, and screen Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) of your entity customers.


Simplify corporate compliance

Streamline workflows that require UBO checks, minimizing manual effort and reducing risk for greater customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration

Achieve seamless, well-documented, and efficient integration with any onboarding or CRM system via standards-based interfaces.

Automate UBO screening

Customize ownership thresholds according to your risk appetite, and retrieve multiple layers of ownership, with % ownership for each level.

Centralized reporting

Get a single repository for beneficial ownership certifications and other due diligence documents, with visual reporting and dashboard capabilities.

How it works

Automate beneficial owner due diligence and screening

Customer onboarding

Onboarding entity provides information about their beneficial owners.


Instantly validate the entity and associated UBOs against any third party database and identify additional UBOs.

Compliance screening

Screen the validated entity and UBOs against Sanctions and PEP lists.

Ongoing monitoring

Continue to monitor and screen to identify suspicious activity and changes in beneficial ownership.

Additional benefits

Minimize exposure to UBO risk

Comprehensive shareholding data

Largest global database with structured business information of private and public companies across global jurisdictions.

Be ready for regulatory scrutiny

Single platform for consolidated UBO validation with complete audit history of the AML screening results, including remediation efforts.

Transact with confidence

Uncover hidden connections to determine customer, third party and supplier risk to minimize financial, compliance, and reputational risk.

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