The Gaming Industry’s Changing AML/CDD Compliance Landscape

Various changes in the gambling sector are presenting new compliance challenges for casinos and online gaming operators. These include different country regulations, growth in online gambling and e-sports betting, and the tightening of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) regulatory requirements.

  • How do you adapt to the demanding regulatory changes while remaining competitive as a business?
  • How much compliance is enough for your organization?
  • What is a practical strategy to ensure what’s good for compliance is also good for business?

In this webinar, we will touch upon these questions as well as specific topics including:

  • Overview of local & international CDD regulations with regard to gambling
    • Components of AML/CDD procedures and processes for casinos and gaming operators
    • Risk assessment, verification of identity, source of wealth, and PEPs & sanctions
    • Continual monitoring & audit trail
    • Automation technologies
  • Synergies of AML and problem gambling
  • Learnings from past failures and regulatory actions
  • The increasingly pivotal role of senior management & compliance officers in the gambling sector

Presented by:

David Norman
David Norman
Senior Partner Gambling Integrity Consultants