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Convert AML/KYC Challenges into Business Value

Sutherland AML combines FinScan’s data integration, data quality, and AML compliance technology with Sutherland’s global footprint for managed services and digital transformation expertise. Financial institutions can now achieve a complete picture of their customer risk, more efficient gathering of their data, and the compliance risk management they need to confidently focus on business outcomes for sustained growth.


Get a holistic and informed customer risk view

Create and maintain dynamic customer risk ratings based on integrated information to enable actionable recommendations to effectively manage AML risk.

Identify counterparty risk

Enable a true 360-degree view of customer risk by identifying hidden parties, relationships, and risk within the customer data and by linking customers and their related parties and counterparties.

Integrate risk view

Integrate the three distinct AML silos of KYC, transaction monitoring, and sanctions screening in a reliable, repeatable, and sustainable way.

Frictionless customer experience

Make your onboarding and ongoing business operations safer, efficient, and faster with a holistic customer and counterparty AML risk view.

The approach

Increase customer value and satisfaction while managing AML risk

On our integrated platform, you are able to gather, manage, and interpret data at greater speed and more accurately detect customer risk with our proprietary Crowdsourced AI approach:

  • Gather data (both internal and external) more intelligently to better enable KYC, transaction monitoring, and sanctions screening processes.
  • Clean and match data to help ensure its accuracy and effective use with up to a 10-fold reduction in false positives.
  • Integrate data from a full range of sources to create a more complete picture.
  • Architect data for a more effective understanding of the customer and associated relationships.
  • Use AI and machine learning across all functions to analyze data and create meaning and insight.
  • Monitor and update AML data to ensure its ongoing accuracy.

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