Your path to compliance excellence

Simplify AML Regulatory Compliance with FinScan 

FinScan is designed to help you achieve superior AML risk detection with clear and transparent audit trail, higher productivity, and readiness to clear any regulatory inspection. By leveraging cutting edge screening technology and our deep expertise in the field of AML compliance, your organization can stay ahead of the game and keep your business safe from financial crime. 

The FinScan Difference 

Improved Operational Readiness: Get total control and intuitive setup screens to quickly adapt your screening configurations to incorporate internal or external regulatory feedback.  

Higher Productivity: Select from various fuzzy matching algorithms and control false positives by clearly defining a “close” match based on your organization’s risk tolerance, use case, data sources, and quality of data. 

Advanced Risk Detection: Leverage FinScan’s proprietary name screening technology for exceptional granularity and accuracy to identify risks despite cultural variations in international naming conventions or data quality and consistency issues in name order, title, or other data attributes. 

Regulator-ready Alert Disposition: Clear hits faster and make it easier to explain your decisions to regulators with fully transparent, explainable match results 


Stay ahead of the curve with FinScan.