Introducing Sutherland AML Powered by FinScan: Converting AML/KYC Challenges Into Business Value

Sutherland and FinScan

Customer risk assessments are often hindered by poor data quality and siloed AML processes.  In fact, poor data quality is the single biggest contributor to inaccurate risk calculations and flawed decision making.

Global regulatory bodies such as FinCEN are now requiring the incorporation of data quality standards into customer due diligence programs, including customer risk ratings. Recent FinCEN enforcement actions carried fines as high as $390M. Noted offenses included breakdowns in internal controls, failure to implement sufficient customer due diligence, and insufficient IT governance processes that resulted in key data on high-risk customers disappearing from monitoring systems.

Following poor data quality as the most critical issue is the lack of integrated AML processes.  Each AML process alone contains relevant risk information.  Having these disjointed processes leads to incomplete and potentially misleading customer risk profiles.

Implementing a dynamic customer risk management framework with accurate data incorporated from all processes establishes a true customer 360-degree risk view through the identification of hidden customer relationships, transactions, and complex corporate ownership structures in real time.

Are your business initiatives synchronized with a single, comprehensive, trusted AML risk profile of your customer and their related parties?

Introducing Sutherland AML | Powered by FinScan

Our solution combines FinScan’s industry-leading AML compliance technology with Sutherland’s global footprint for managed services and digital transformation expertise. Financial institutions can now achieve a complete picture of their customer, more efficient gathering and understanding of their data, and identification of hidden risks.

Join us as we demonstrate the possibilities of achieving a new paradigm in your AML risk management.

This webinar will cover:

  • Issues with current risk management approaches
  • A case study of how this solution delivers a dynamic customer risk framework
  • The ease of understanding the core sources of customer risk and integrating that into your business decisions
  • Illustrating your control framework supporting your customer risk ratings

Presented by:

Christopher Rigg
Christopher Rigg
Capital Markets Industry Lead Sutherland
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall
Advisory Services FinScan