LIVE Webinar

Introducing FinScan Focus:
AML Screening, Reimagined

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Regulatory inspections, internal audits, and business-driven screening obligations often require compliance officers to broaden their screening efforts to address an ever-expanding range of list criteria and match rules, and to ensure a comprehensive screening program for onboarding customers, trade partners, and employees.

To meet these expectations, compliance officers are increasingly looking to modernize their AML applications to ensure they have the flexibility and confidence to operate within tight timeframes and understand how the adjustments will impact their match rate, overall alert volume, and the productivity of an already over-burdened compliance workforce.

You are invited to join FinScan Product Manager Sean Purcell and Kieran Holland, head of FinScan’s technical solutions for an immersive tour of a revolutionary step in AML matching technology. You’ll see how FinScan Focus equips you to meet regulatory demands with unprecedented levels of accuracy, efficiency, and control to drive the results your business expects.

The webinar will cover:

  • Enabling customizable configurations to ensure operational readiness based on your specific needs
  • Deploying a risk-based matching algorithm tailored to your unique risk tolerance, use case, data sources, and data quality
  • Real-life examples of how FinScan’s awareness and support of both cultural and language patterns reduce risk and false positives
  • A demonstration of FinScan Focus’ advanced case browser in action as it prioritizes alerts through custom queries
  • The ease of illustrating your algorithm-based decisions to regulators through documentation that articulates the detection scenarios, underlying assumptions, variables, and thresholds
  • Advanced dashboarding for centralized monitoring, audits, and oversight

Questions will be answered both during the session and at the conclusion.


Sean Purcell
Sean Purcell
Senior Product Manager FinScan
Kieran Holland
Kieran Holland
Head of Technical Solutions FinScan