ID Validation

Detect fraudulent IDs and screen against any watch lists in real time

Automate workflows that interact with identity documents to detect fraud and sanctions violations and enhance customer experience.


Integrated document verification and fraud detection

Enable identity document scanning, authentication, and watch list screening in a single case tool to expedite your customer onboarding process, making it safer and more efficient.


Deliver a frictionless onboarding experience with reduced wait and processing times for speedy transactions.

Consistent data entry

Avoid manual data entry errors with accurately extracted customer data from identity documents regardless of font, background, or media, including printed, magnetic, barcode, or “smart” chip.

Global coverage

Get access to the largest library of government-issued identity documents from over 190 countries, with templates for more than 6,000 types of IDs.

How it works

Speed up your ID validation and AML screening processes


Scan the identity document from a smartphone or via a high-resolution, on-premise scanner.


Forensic screening tests are performed to determine the class, series, and type of document, assessing signs of tampering or counterfeiting, including expiration alerts.


All valid records are screened against sanctions, PEP, or internal do-not-do business lists.


Results are provided in real time, allowing for safe, easy, and confident customer transactions.

Advanced authentication

The most comprehensive tests to protect your business

Go beyond simply scanning an ID’s barcode, and conduct forensic and biometric tests to evaluate various elements of identity documents, including:

  • Microprint test and security threads
  • Validation of special paper, ink, and ink patterns
  • Field cross-checks such as a comparison between MRZ and visual inspection zones (VIZ)
  • Comparison between OCR, barcodes, and magnetic stripes
  • Optically variable devices (OVD) and optically variable ink (OVI) tests for state seals and holograms
  • Electronic chip content cross-check against OCR content
  • Date validity test and pattern match
  • And much more…

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