AML solutions for Gaming companies and Casinos

FinScan provides a suite of solutions to protect gaming companies and casinos from financial crime.

The challenge

Casinos and online gaming operations have come under the increased risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, and evasion of sanctions through the transfer of fiat money into non-traditional currency such as chips or in-game virtual currencies. Combined with the cross-border nature of their clients, the industry has come under increased regulatory pressure to implement effective and explainable AML sanctions screening programs. With FinScan, you can protect your organization in the following areas:


  • Get instant authentication and validation of your guests’ IDs for faster onboarding
  • Reduce the number of false positives when screening guests in order to drastically decrease the time and resources spent on inaccurate matches
  • Improve your remediation workflow for efficient reporting
  • Automate screening processes over time and opt for constant monitoring
  • Integrate your compliance processes with your internal gaming source systems including your onboarding portal, CRM & ERP


  • Comply with increasing regulatory pressure to implement an effective AML sanctions screening program
  • Adopt transparent and explainable matching technology for regulatory audits
  • Use standardized compliance reports across your operations
  • Create and manage custom reports
  • Access and export a complete and reliable audit trail
  • Meet the requirements of auditors and regulators

Internal data issues

  • Fix data quality issues resulting from unstructured and inconsistent data feeds from source systems and/or data migrations
  • Fix poor mapping between core gaming source systems and AML applications
  • Improve data quality and standardize data to enable centralized analysis of fraud and financial crimes
  • Address false negatives linked to poor data quality

Compliance data

  • FinScan natively integrates with leading data providers (such as Dow Jones, World-Check, and Acuris Risk Intelligence)
  • Optimize screening efficiency against third-party data providers
  • Integrate and manage your own internal lists
  • Use a screening solution that can easily integrate with new/additional lists or datasets

The solution

For more than two decades, FinScan has helped many of the world’s top gaming and casino companies ensure they are in full compliance with the latest AML regulations and meeting the stringent demands of their industry.

Seamlessly integrate FinScan modules in your gaming compliance workflow

ID Validation

Detect fraudulent IDs and screen against any watch lists instantly.

AML screening

Screen against sanctions and watch lists, PEP databases, adverse media, or internal lists.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Push your risk investigations further with Enhanced Due Diligence.

Data prep

Leverage our AML-specific data quality engine to reduce false positives.

Transaction Screening

Automatically detect and stop high-risk transactions in real time.

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