FinScan Advisory Services – An Overview of Capabilities and Service Offerings

Today’s challenging world of compliance offers many opportunities to purchase and employ new tools and technologies to meet the ever-increasing set of compliance demands. There are many questions facing compliance officers regarding how these “solutions” will actually work for them – and whether they will enable or be a hindrance to achieving successful compliance.

Join us as we explore some of the more significant issues and pain points faced by compliance officers and related stakeholders and how FinScan Advisory Services can assist in taming those issues.

Topics include:

  • Technology and innovation – risks and pitfalls
  • Compliance pain points
  • Compliance Risk Management – what is it and how best to achieve & maintain it
  • Overview of FinScan Advisory Services offerings – how we can assist in addressing & mitigating pain points


Kieran Holland
Kieran Holland
Head of Technical Solutions FinScan
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall
Advisory Services FinScan