FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit UK

March 14-15, 2024 | London

FinScan is a proud sponsor of FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit uk hosted by Transform Finance

Stop by to learn why 2 of the top 10 banks in the world use FinScan.

Transform Finance’s FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit UK (March 14-15, 2024) is an exclusive gathering, where financial crime thought leaders will share unmatched expertise and innovative insights into managing dynamic and swiftly changing threats. This immersive event is crafted to empower you to guide your organization through these challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.

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Join FinScan for an informative roundtable discussion taking place at 1.20pm-2.10pm. on March 14.

Table 10:

Future-Proofing Your Sanctions Program: Embracing Agility in a Volatile World

Discussion Leader: Kieran Holland, Head of Technical Solutions, FinScan

What we do

FinScan is a list-agnostic AML and KYC screening solution designed to seamlessly meet stringent regulatory requirements. Built for speed to support your expansion and integration, it’s no wonder FinScan is the trusted solution for leading financial institutions across the globe.

  • Leverage data on your terms. List-agnostic and able to ingest multiple data feeds.
  • We grow with you. Effortlessly handle hundreds of millions of customers.
  • You take control. Tailor your level of protection to maximize your perfect balance of efficiency and risk.
  • Know you’re secure. Maintain business continuity with our secure and robust solution.