Elevating Your Insurance Game: Mastering Global Sanctions

On-demand webinar

We dive into the following key topics:

  • Risk Appetite: Redefining the boundaries of risk appetite, crafting an effective risk appetite statement, and using it as your compass through the world of sanctions risk assessment.
  • Policies and Procedures: Unveiling the playbook for setting, reviewing, and updating policies and procedures, all while operating on the razor’s edge of ever-changing regulatory regimes.
  • Payment Screening: Addressing the challenges of payment screening, dodging roadblocks, and outsmarting high-risk individuals, entities, and transactions.
  • Data Quality: Discussing the impacts of data quality, screening configurations, and list management, all geared towards lightning-fast alert resolution.

We take a closer look at the dynamic world of global sanctions in the insurance industry. In a landscape that never rests, insurance giants are faced with a weighty challenge—navigating the ever-shifting sands of sanctions screening. These changes in the regulatory universe not only test insurers’ operational prowess but also push them to adapt swiftly to new corporate structures, diverse locations, and intricate processes. 

Our panel of experts share best practices to overcome obstacles and guide you towards a stronger compliance program.

Watch this constructive discussion on the insurance industry’s most gripping challenges as we embark on the quest for empowered and invigorated AML compliance practices. 


Edgar Ultee

Edgar Ultee

Financial Crime Lead and MLRO, Aegon Ltd

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall

Director, FinScan Advisory Services