A complete KYC & AML solution, built for reliability and scale

Make your onboarding and ongoing compliance operations safer and more efficient, and ensure total compliance with global AML/CTF regulations with FinScan’s AI-powered technology.


A Fully-integrated Suite of Compliance Solutions

Robust batch and real-time protocols provide interoperability with leading core applications, transaction systems, and third-party CRM software in hosted and on-premise environments. Screen any volume of customer records, from thousands to hundreds of millions, as your business grows.

  • AML & KYC Screening

    Screen against sanctions and watch lists, PEP databases, adverse media, and internal lists.

  • Transaction Screening

    Automatically detect and stop high-risk transactions in real time.

  • ID Validation

    Detect fraudulent IDs and screen against any watch list instantly.

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners

    Identify and screen Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) of entity customers.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence

    Push your risk investigations further with Enhanced Due Diligence.

  • Case Management

    Streamline your process with document management, workflow notifications, case escalation, and reporting with a complete audit trail.

Mitigate Risk

Get more accurate alerts with our highly granular and configurable matching technology that enables a risk-based approach.

Reduce Costs

Reduce review time and resources with better match results and efficient workflows so you can focus on the most critical matches.

Increase Revenue

Deliver a frictionless onboarding and ongoing experience for your customers to enable safe, easy, and confident transactions.

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“We need a compliance tool that meets very high standards across a variety of areas. We’ve built a great partnership with FinScan that’s helped lay a foundation for our continued growth and success.”

Robbi Nagel

Deputy Global Chief Compliance Officer


Financial Services

Screen customers against all major AML risk databases, incorporating real-time changes in PEP, sanctions, and adverse media data.


Identify AML risks during onboarding, claims payout, or ongoing customer lifecycle management.

Gaming and Casinos

Instantly authenticate and validate your guests’ IDs for faster onboarding.

NGOs and Charities

Process donor funds within strict timeframes, ensuring bona fide beneficiaries.


Improve compliance through seamless workflow automation with integrated management of AML alerts.

A Data-first Approach to Compliance Screening

The effectiveness of your AML screening program is only as good as the quality of your data. FinScan is the only compliance solution that addresses the issue of poor customer data quality, including incorrect or missing data, to dramatically reduce false positives without the risk of missing true hits.

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