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FinScan’s advanced AML and KYC solutions enable businesses worldwide to confidently support their compliance programs. Our industry-leading screening technology and expert advisory services empower our clients to take full control of their AML initiatives and streamline their compliance efforts.

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Mission statement

Leading the way in effective AML compliance screening

At FinScan, we are committed to providing cutting-edge screening technology and improving the quality of our clients’ data to help them achieve the most accurate screening results. We remain up to date on the latest regulatory requirements and draw from our extensive experience in improving AML procedures, policies, and controls to empower our clients to have total command of their AML programs.

Our History

From data quality to AML compliance

The early days of Innovative Systems  

Founded in 1968, Innovative Systems pioneered the use of complex matching technology for US political campaign fundraising. Over the next several decades, Innovative developed a range of data quality solutions that allowed for the profiling, cleansing, matching, and linking of data with great precision. This technology has been integral to many of the world’s leading banks.

The birth of FinScan 

In the late 1990s, Innovative saw the opportunity to apply its advanced data matching technology to address the growing need for AML compliance screening; thus, FinScan was born. In the aftermath of the tragic 9/11 attacks, when AML and CTF regulations were strengthened in the US, EU, and other countries around the world, FinScan was already an established screening solution, able to accurately match client files against government lists.

Revolutionizing AML operations

Since then, FinScan has helped companies globally develop more efficient AML programs that generate fewer false positives and enable better detection of true alerts. We strive to provide the best technology and services to our clients while innovating to stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements.

FinScan’s commitment to customer success

Our culture and values are designed to set our clients up for success by providing the best technology and services to help them meet their goals. We understand that our clients’ success is our success, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to working closely with each client to understand their unique challenges and provide personalized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Client-first approach

At FinScan, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. As a privately-owned company for more than 50 years, we provide stability, consistency, and predictability not often found elsewhere. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the support they need to thrive.

AML and industry expertise

The FinScan team is composed of experts in AML regulations and processes. They are an integral part of every client relationship and provide the guidance and support needed to navigate complex regulatory environments.

Exceptional service and support

FinScan focuses on providing exceptional service and support to our clients. Our customer success team has been widely recognized by analysts for providing one of the highest levels of customer service in the industry.
Executive team

Expertise and experience

The FinScan executive team comprises seasoned professionals with decades of experience in both the software and AML compliance industries. With an average tenure of 20 years at FinScan, our executive team is dedicated to supporting the company’s mission of helping our clients achieve their long-term compliance objectives.

Robert Colonna
Chief Executive Officer
Bob was the principal designer of Innovative’s data cleansing, matching, and marketing database software, utilizing his interest in computational linguistics and experience attending French and German language schools during his time in the military. Bob holds a BA in mathematics and BS in engineering mechanics degrees from Lehigh University and an MBA in statistics/operations research from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.
Dave Holtschlag
Chief Financial Officer
Dave has 30 years of experience in financial and supervisory roles. He is responsible for ensuring the continued growth of our organization by managing financial stability, guiding the company’s legal department, and ensuring Innovative meets all regulatory requirements in its many locations.
MaryJane Kolic
Vice President of Human Resources
As head of HR, MJ oversees all HR operations and is responsible for hiring the talent that enables our company to innovate and provide expert solutions. She has worked hard to build a culture that values employee success and ensures that all employees feel valued.
Brian Markham
Senior Vice President of Engineering
Brian has been a key player in developing and refining the company’s suite of customer data integration, data management, and AML compliance products since 1992. He has extensive expertise in merging AI engines and data management products to deliver cutting-edge technology, such as high performance, in-memory payment transaction screening solutions. With over 20 years of management experience, Brian is responsible for overall product lifecycle and vision, including product management, user experience design, development, and quality assurance.
Steve Maul
Chief Revenue Officer
Bringing nearly 40 years of sales, marketing and channel leadership experience, Steve’s focus is on getting and keeping clients across Innovative’s entire product spectrum. With a passion for delivering business value through technology and services, Steve is responsible for global revenue operations including sales, account management and presales engineering, and his team executes the processes necessary to establish, nurture and sustain client relationships from first contact throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
Mike Stearman
Vice President of Global Operations
Mike oversees all technical operations including professional services, hosted services, customer success, and infrastructure security. He ensures that implementations run smoothly and keeps our platform secure and reliable for customers. Since 2011, Mike has supported Innovative’s continued growth by moving SaaS operations to a world-class cloud environment, expanding into five regions across three continents, resulting in a record volume increase of 4,200%.
Our offices

Global presence

With offices in four regions globally, FinScan is well positioned to provide local support to our customers worldwide. Our Pittsburgh office manages North America, our London office serves EMEA and APAC regions, our Mexico City office caters to the LATAM region, and our Dubai office supports the MENA region.



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Mexico City

Mexico City

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