Challenges and Best Practices of AML Sanctions Screening, Part 8:
Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Financial Crimes

Many areas of Financial Crimes Compliance call for an analysis of large volumes of data to identify risk, manage risk, and serve customers in a timely fashion. The ability to efficiently and effectively process huge volumes of data is more than just a compliance requirement – it is a business imperative in order to remain competitive.

AML and Sanctions compliance is certainly an area demanding innovative approaches to achieving compliance. However, the need to analyze and process huge volumes of data efficiently and effectively must be done in the context of the compliance requirements, and the potential for huge penalties if one “gets it wrong”.

This webinar will cover:

  • The role of Data Quality in AI-driven sanctions screening
  • Defining the desired objective for your AI
  • Determining if the available data and desired objective are compatible
  • Assessing how changes in data impact your AI
  • Validating your AI
  • Assessing the social compact between human and artificial intelligence

Presented by:

Kieran Holland
Kieran Holland
Head of Technical Solutions FinScan
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall
Advisory Services FinScan