Efficient AML solutions for 
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FinScan helps healthcare organizations establish robust AML screening to safeguard against money laundering and criminal activity. Our solution ensures global compliance with AML/CTF regulations and data protection laws.

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Cutting-edge technology

Effortlessly integrate FinScan's advanced technology into your workflow and conveniently manage all your AML operations from a single platform.

Enhanced data quality

Attain more accurate screening results by enhancing data quality, resulting in fewer false positives and uncovering hidden risks.

Expertise in the industry

Utilize years of experience in AML compliance to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of regulatory obligations as well as the complexities of healthcare activities.

Strategic partnership

Establish a foundation for long-term success by fostering a relationship grounded in exceptional customer service and ongoing support from our AML subject matter experts.

AML requirements for healthcare

Manage your AML obligations from one integrated solution

A robust AML solution enables healthcare organizations to identify and prevent financial crimes, safeguard their reputation, comply with industry regulations, and improve operational efficiency by streamlining AML operations and redirecting resources towards patient care.

AML Processes Regulatory Requirements Products
Customer due diligence

Obtain patient information, including their name, address, date of birth, and other identifying data.

Confirm the identity of patients by validating their identification documents and requesting proof of address.

Determine the ultimate beneficial owners of entities during onboarding.

KYC screening

Screen patients against sanctions, PEP, watchlist, internal lists (including fraud lists) and adverse media.

Onboarding risk assessment

Measure AML risk associated with patients by dynamically evaluating multiple factors to assign risk ratings.

Enhanced due diligence

Perform necessary due diligence in accordance with patient risk ratings and extend your investigations for patients with high-risk profiles.

Ongoing monitoring

Ensure patients are continuously monitored for any sanctions, PEP designation, watchlist inclusion and any internal list inclusion.

Keep track of any changes in the corporate ownership structure to detect any new UBOs.

Stay on top of your business relationships by continuously monitoring any changes in risk profile that require further due diligence.

Payment screening

Screen payments when receiving donations or taking payments.

Documents and notes

Store patient documents and notes securely, making them easily accessible when needed, and use them to document your decision-making process.

Audit trail

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by accurately recording all AML data and patient information, tracing every case to its origin.

AML requirements for healthcare providers

Optimize healthcare AML operations

Healthcare providers must adhere to complicated regulations. Implement a cutting-edge solution that simplifies AML operations and enables you to enhance regulatory compliance efforts while maintaining high levels of operational efficiency.

Challenges Solutions Features
Large record volume

Effectively manage any volume of records, ranging from a few thousand to hundreds of millions, with dependable processing capabilities. Screen rapidly and proficiently through API or batch screening overnight, preventing any disruption to daily operations.

Enhance screening technology and data quality to guarantee manageable false positive rates for your review team.

Multiple data sources

Effortlessly link multiple data sources and maintain consistent formatting to fine tune matching criteria and enhance accuracy. Furthermore, eliminate duplicate records to reduce unnecessary alerts, streamline the screening process, and save time.

Data quality challenges

Address data quality problems that frequently arise in the insurance industry and result in false negatives during AML screening. With FinScan, have peace of mind knowing that you have the necessary tools to confront these issues directly, ensuring that high-risk policyholders are not disregarded.

Global operations

Facilitate your AML operations across the globe by conducting screenings against the required AML lists by jurisdiction.

Utilize FinScan’s native-to-native screening technology to screen in various languages and alphabets, leading to more precise screening outcomes.

Cross-team escalation

Tailor your escalation workflow and user controls with FinScan to accommodate your AML operations on a global scale. Configure alerts with ease to be reviewed by users across various countries and teams, while retaining the capability to escalate to the appropriate team.

Data protection regulation

Select the deployment alternative that optimally adheres to local data protection regulations. Whether on-premise, cloud-based, or a combination of both, you have the versatility to meet the most intricate data protection needs, guaranteeing compliance while promoting your business expansion.

Case study

Flexible and customizable solution scales with health insurer during global expansion

Learn how a multinational health insurer managed global expansion with FinScan’s flexible solution. Partnered with FinScan, the organization was able to customize deployment to adhere to strict data protection laws, screen 95 million records and counting, and easily integrate over 150 different data feeds quickly and efficiently.

95 Million

A total of 95 million records were screened and monitored to identify any potential violations of sanctions.


A total of 155 data feed were connected to FinScan, and this number continues to increase in response to their business growth.


The client was able to tailor FinScan to operate in 10 countries incorporating local AML and data protection requirements.

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