Safeguarding charitable missions with efficient, accurate AML compliance

Your mission is to serve the public good, but such endeavors also make you vulnerable to terrorist financing and money laundering. To mitigate risks, FinScan’s advanced AML compliance technology offers charities and NGOs more efficient, accurate screening and reputation protection.

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Protecting charities like

Meet your donation goals while ensuring safe operations

Built on decades of working with charities and NGOs worldwide, FinScan’s watch list screening delivers the proven accuracy and performance you need to meet your regulatory compliance needs.

Optimized screening

Automatically screen against any government-provided or internal block list, and create and manage audit trails regulators require, saving you time and money.

Advanced risk detection

Identify risk from all customer relationships including joint accounts, beneficiaries, fiduciaries, cosigners, and UBOs against global AML and sanctions databases.

Comprehensive list coverage

Get immediate access to all the lists you need to screen against including OFAC, EU Consolidated List, HMT, UN Consolidated, and PEP lists.

Unmatched accuracy and performance

Meet your regulatory compliance needs with an easy to use platform that delivers an exceptionally high level of accuracy while minimizing false positives.


Protect your organization on all fronts

FinScan offers comprehensive, end-to-end AML software screening capabilities that easily integrate with your internal processes and systems. FinScan can act as a compliance hub, providing you with a holistic view of the risk associated with the individuals and entities you interact with while enabling your organization to quickly identify, prevent, and manage risk.

AML Processes Regulatory Requirements Products
Payment screening

Screen all your deposits, withdrawals, and domestic and international payments to block risky payments in real time.

Ongoing monitoring

Monitor customers, beneficiaries, fiduciaries, cosigners, UBOs and owners of SMBs and enterprises against sanctions, PEPs, watchlists, internal lists and adverse media.

Monitor changes in entity ownership structure to identify and screen new UBOs.

Stay on top of your business relationships by continuously monitoring any changes in risk profile that require further due diligence.

Beneficial owner screening

Navigate through the complexity of multi-layer ownership structures with ease while reducing manual work.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and onboarding

Collect client information such as name, address, date of birth and other identifying information.

Verify clients’ identity by validating their ID documents and asking for proof of address.

Identify the business owners, ultimate beneficial owners and ownership structure of enterprise and SMB accounts.

Measure AML risk associated with customers, SMBs and enterprises by dynamically evaluating multiple factors to assign risk ratings.

ID validation

Eliminate the hassle of manual verification of customer documents, accurately detecting fake IDs, and provide frictionless service to your customers.

Exclusion list screening and list management

Screen against the latest sanctions and watchlists, PEP and adverse media databases, exclusion lists, or internal lists.

Error-resilient screening

Quickly and easily resolve data errors and inconsistencies to prepare your data for screening with minimal effort.

Web services/API integration

Onboard millions of customers and monitor ongoing sanctions risk and payments daily with our highly scalable platform.

Web services/API integration


Streamline and simplify your AML operations

Charities and NGOs need intuitive tools to help them screen against multiple lists across numerous jurisdictions while navigating complex regulations. Get the proven accuracy and performance you need to reduce AML risk while saving time and money.

Challenges Solutions Features
Large record volume

Reliably process any volume of records – from a few thousand to hundreds of millions. Screen quickly and efficiently in batch or in real time through our API to effectively identify risk while avoiding interruption to your daily operations.

Dramatically reduce false positive rates for your review team with advanced screening technology and better data.

Multiple data sources

Easily connect multiple data sources and ensure consistent formatting to refine your matching criteria and improve accuracy. Additionally, reduce unnecessary alerts by eliminating duplicate records, streamlining your screening process and saving time.

Data quality challenges

Eliminate data quality issues commonly found in the insurance industry that can lead to false negatives in your AML screening. With FinScan, you can rest easy knowing that you have the tools to tackle these issues head on, ensuring that risky policy holders are not overlooked.

Global operations

Support your global AML operations by screening against the necessary AML lists by jurisdiction.

With FinScan’s native-to-native screening technology, you can screen in different languages and alphabets, resulting in more accurate screening results.

Cross-team escalation

Customize your escalation workflow and user controls with FinScan to support your AML operations worldwide. Easily configure alerts to be reviewed by users in different countries and on different teams, with the ability to escalate to the relevant team.

Data protection regulation

Choose the deployment option that best supports local data protection laws. Whether on-premise, cloud-based, or a hybrid of both, you have the flexibility to meet the most complex data protection requirements, ensuring compliance while supporting your business expansion.

Case study

Global Humanitarian Organization utilizes FinScan for worldwide screening of donors, employees, and other non-profits

A leading, global humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education needed to screen their monetary donors, employees, and other non-profits they provide donations to against PEP and OFAC lists, some of the smaller UN lists, and the FBI’s Most Wanted list. With users in many countries, they also needed a solution that was accessible worldwide. FinScan met their needs by hosting their systems on our secure cloud to provide a flexible and affordable solution to all their users. And, with FinScan’s sophisticated matching algorithm, the organization was able to see significant reductions in false positive rates without missing true hits.

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