Streamline UBO due diligence 

Demystify intricate ownership structures and help your team identify UBOs quickly and accurately. Get rid of manual work by automatically screening UBOs against AML lists to stay compliant without extra effort.

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Keep track of UBOs 

Uncover and track UBOs of entities around the world with a comprehensive database of 450M companies and 1.7bn ownership links.

Greater transparency 

Make sense of intricate ownership structures with ease, demystifying the complexity of multi-layer ownership and providing your team with valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Improved compliance 

Ensure compliance with global AML & CTF regulations by using one platform to screen UBOs against sanctions, PEP and adverse media, validate ID documents and conduct enhanced due diligence.

Speed up onboarding 

Make onboarding easier, faster, and more efficient by quickly identifying UBOs and automatically screening them against the AML lists you've selected.

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Conduct UBO due diligence with confidence 

Navigate through the complexity of multi-layer ownership structures with ease. Whether you need to identify, verify or monitor UBOs of an entity, FinScan UBO can do it all for you.


Don't let complex ownership structures slow you down - FinScan can quickly reveal all UBOs of any entity and prepare records for quick sanctions and PEP screening without any extra effort on your part.


Make sure you have done your homework and confirm that the UBO information is reliable by cross-referencing it with a reliable and regularly updated external database.


Stay compliant with AML regulations by instantly detecting any alterations to ownership structures or the sanctions profiles of the UBOs of your existing customers.
Optimize UBO screening

Streamlined UBO due diligence

Simplify your compliance team’s workload and ensure accuracy and compliance with FinScan UBO’s automated due diligence process for monitoring changes in ownership structures.

FinScan eliminates the need for manual labor by automatically creating new records once the UBOs of an entity are retrieved, giving your team time to focus on more important tasks.

Obtain rapid and precise outcomes by using FinScan to automatically verify UBOs against sanctions, PEP and adverse media.

Utilize FinScan's other extensions to authenticate ID documents, assess risk profiles and perform comprehensive due diligence within the FinScan platform.

Get a 360-degree view of your UBO due diligence without having to switch between multiple systems! All identification details, documents, screening results and audit trails are in one place.
Global data coverage

Best-in-class UBO data 

FinScan integrates with the leading UBO data providers so that you can always access the most up-to-date corporate and beneficial ownership data.

450 Million

The dataset consists of 450 million entities globally, offering valuable insights into the companies with which you conduct business.

1.5 Billion

1.5 billion historic ownership links provide valuable insights into the evolution of business ownership structures over time.

184 Million

184 million active ownership links in the dataset represent the current state of business ownership around the world.

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