Keep up with sanctioned securities

Uncover the potential risk of violations hiding in your trading books and securities inventory according to the latest regulations. FinScan Securities saves you time and reduces risk by eliminating reliance on spreadsheets, manual processes, reliance on IT. 

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Protecting businesses like

Better data quality

Improve match accuracy by correcting company name errors, populating missing elements, and standardizing formats across source or securities data feeds.

Fine-tuned risk alerts

Ensure your configurations match your exact sanctions obligations by building risk scenarios based on customer data and securities alphanumeric attributes.

Improved productivity

Clear sanctions hits faster by reviewing alerts for all business operations, including screening for securities positions held, in a single case review screen.

Peace of mind

Always stay compliant by monitoring securities positions against dynamically updated sanctions lists and get notified of beneficial ownership results changes.


Screen sanctioned securities 

FinScan Securities improves data quality, analyzes and uncovers connections across multiple jurisdictions, and ensures readiness to pass any audit or regulatory inspection. Identify associated companies, securities, and connections between domiciles, companies, and individuals, aggregates the results into a single consolidated list. 

Flexible configuration

Free yourself from the IT backlog by quickly and easily creating rules to match your securities to your sanctions list.

Efficient workflows

Create time-saving, logical workflows that match your own business processes when evaluating positions in sanctioned securities—from the trading desk to the book of records.

Immutable audit trail

Easily prove and explain your security matches and disposition decisions with a trusted audit trail based on the active or liquidated status of securities positions. Generate reports and export data for other applications.

Boost productivity

FinScan Securities’ intuitive review screens enable analysts to clear sanctions hits faster by providing alerts and remediation workflow in a single screen. 


Save time

Get notified instantly when an alert is generated, quickly review to block or release a trade, enable a four-eyes check for maximum protection, and easily escalate high-risk securities – all while respecting data segregation and user access rights by application. 


Remain resilient

With FinScan Securities, you can rely on high-quality data and robust technology to keep your most critical operations running smoothly. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business continuity is secure. 

Live Webinar | June 6, 2024 | 11:00 am EST

Staying on Top of the Sanctioned Securities Challenge

With money launderers increasingly exploiting the financial markets through investment advisors and OTC markets, it’s more urgent than ever for firms to uncover hidden risks in their financial instrument compliance.

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