Assess AML risk with advanced risk scoring

FinScan Defend helps your business objectively and consistently measure AML risk by dynamically evaluating multiple factors to assign risk ratings to your customers.

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Fine tune risk models

Assess the AML risk of a business relationship by leveraging risk factors suggested by leading AML regulators and determine a precise risk score.

Measure risk consistently

Reduce reliance on manual errors in risk determination by objectively and consistently measuring AML risk associated with your business relationships.

Comprehensive risk profiles 

Transform risk scores into comprehensive risk profiles that are easily understandable, enabling your team to apply the right level of due diligence.

Monitor risk levels

Stay on top of your business relationships by continuously monitoring any changes in risk profile that require further due diligence.

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Sophisticated AML risk model

FinScan Defend offers a large set of factors recommended by AML professionals that can be configured according to your business’s risk exposure.

FinScan Defend offers an in-depth breakdown of customer types, far beyond just individuals and entities.

Integrate with the corruption index ratings to more precisely assess the risks associated with geographic areas of your business relationships.

Continually incorporate screening results into the risk model with adjustable weightings for sanctions, PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), watchlists and adverse media.

FinScan Defend places increased attention on products and services that may be at greater risk for money laundering.

FinScan Defend focuses heavily on those business relationships that carry the highest potential of being associated with money laundering.

FinScan Defend places greater emphasis on industries that are particularly prone to money laundering.

FinScan Defend places an emphasis on SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting) filing when assessing the potential for AML risks.

Take advantage of FinScan Advisory Services’ expertise to customize your risk model.

How it works

Adopt a risk-based approach

By assessing each customer’s risk profile, you can adjust your response time and due diligence accordingly, thus directing financial crime resources toward the greatest threats.


Get the most out of FinScan Defend's risk scoring template - modify it to suit your needs or start fresh and design one yourself.


During onboarding, use FinScan Defend's risk scoring for an initial risk assessment and focus on detailed evaluation of high-risk customers.


Give your team the tools to quickly risk rate customers and prioritize alert remediation for high-risk customers.

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