Screening for smoother payments

Screen payments against the latest sanctions, PEP and dual-use goods lists to receive alerts immediately when a risky transaction is detected. FinScan Payments ensures your payment operations run smoothly and remain compliant with KYC and AML regulations.

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Protecting businesses like

Screen any payment or transaction

Quickly and accurately process any transaction or message type for domestic payments and international wires for efficient risk detection.

Block high-risk payments

Be instantly notified when an alert is generated, and quickly review to block or release a transaction.

Granular controls

Tailor your level of protection to your risk tolerance to efficiently process low-risk transactions while focusing on those with higher risk.

Maintain business operations

Experience the assurance of knowing your business continuity is secure with lightning-fast payments and robust technology.

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Screen payments 

FinScan Payments provides unparalleled flexibility to meet your specific requirements when it comes to payment screening. Select the message files, types and data you want to screen, whether you choose to screen via API or batch.

Payment files

FinScan Payments natively processes Swift MT, MX, and ISO 20022 payment formats. We provide comprehensive support across all leading networks including CHIPS, ACH, SEPA, SIC and SARIE.

Filter the transaction you want to screen

Extract and screen all relevant fields from a payment message, including free-format text fields, to establish granular controls for each payment element to support your regulatory requirements – with guaranteed fast processing performance.

Real time or batch

FinScan Payments can screen payments in real time via APIs or batch processing. FinScan’s fast processing will keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to process large payment volumes quickly.
Granular control

Fine-tune your alert configuration

Mitigate the risk of financial penalties by screening payment parties against sanctions and PEP lists and establishing a risk-based configuration comprising various payment attributes such as ordering entity and beneficiaries, BIC code elements, currency types, dual-use goods, and countries. Identify potential threats early, so you can act fast to protect your business.

Screen every payment party 

Keep your organization safe from restricted parties by using FinScan to quickly and accurately screen all payment parties.
Senders and beneficiaries 
Correspondent banks and intermediaries
Inbound and outbound payments 

Detection rules 

Design smart rules using a wide variety of payment message attributes to proactively identify and block high-risk transactions.
Watch list screening results 
High-risk countries and currencies
Dual-use goods 
Sanctioned BIC codes
Ports and cities
Flexible payment metadata rules 
Wire stripping
Improve efficiency

Save time remediating alerts

Get notified instantly when an alert is generated, quickly review to block or release a payment, enable a four-eyes check for maximum protection, and easily escalate high-risk transactions – all while respecting data segregation and user access rights by application.

Never miss an alert with FinScan's flexible alert options. Your team can choose to receive an email with a link, get push notifications directly on their screens, or build their own interface using FinScan Payments' alert trigger.

Gain clarity into why an alert was triggered by the algorithm so your team can swiftly review and promptly accept or decline a transaction.

Eliminate the hassle of manually escalating risky alerts with FinScan's one-click escalation workflow, designed for efficient four-eyes checks.

Ensure your client data is safeguarded and compliant with data protection regulations by applying comprehensive access controls to your application. This will give you the ability to keep your data secure and separate.

Streamline your operations, internal controls, and regulatory requirements by creating custom reports to quickly view, sort, and filter payments based on multiple attributes.

FinScan Payments' audit trail allows you to trace every case to its source, guaranteeing that all AML data and customer information is accurately recorded and compliant with regulatory standards.
Scale globally

Sustain growth. Remain resilient.

With FinScan Payments, you can rely on lightning-fast payments and robust technology to keep your most critical operations running smoothly. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business continuity is secure.

FinScan Payments is designed to process large payment volumes at maximum speed, so that your operations are not adversely affected while keeping your business compliant with the latest regulations.

FinScan Payments provides flexible delivery options that can grow with your business. From public or private cloud-based, to on-premise and hybrid implementations - FinScan has the capability to meet even the most demanding requirements.

With FinScan Payments, you can rest assured that your payment operations are secure and protected. Our disaster recovery options provide the utmost peace of mind regarding your business continuity.

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