Quickly and accurately validate identity documents 

FinScan ID Validation eliminates the hassle of manual verification of customer documents, accurately detecting fake IDs while providing frictionless service to your customers.

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Detect fake ID documents 

Ensure your team can identify fraudulent ID documents with precision by running over 50 verifications that go beyond what the human eye can spot.

Global coverage 

Leverage comprehensive global data coverage to authenticate passport, driver's license, and ID documents from over 200 countries.

Improved KYC 

Instantly extract data from ID documents and screen it against sanctions, PEP and adverse media - receive results in real time.

Fast onboarding 

Make onboarding easier and faster with FinScan's embedded ID validation - save time and effort by eliminating manual document checks.

Keep your business safe

Advanced ID document authentication

Perform 50+ checks in the areas below that exceed the capabilities of the human eye in seconds, delivering unparalleled security and a superior customer experience.

Microprint is a type of security measure used in ID cards and documents that involves the printing of very small text. It is usually visible only when viewed under magnification.

B900 ink is a special type of ink used to print security features on ID cards and documents, such as watermarks, microtext, and other features. This type of ink is designed to be difficult to copy or reproduce.

To validate the authenticity of an ID card or document, it must be printed on certain types of paper that are difficult for counterfeiters to replicate. The validation process involves examining the paper for specific characteristics that are unique to the original document.

Thread detects are pieces of thread embedded into an ID card or document that can be detected using specialized equipment such as a magnifying glass or ultraviolet light source. These threads provide additional evidence for authentication purposes.

Data validity checks involve verifying that all data fields on an ID card or document contain valid information that matches up with records from other sources (e.g., government databases). Any discrepancies indicate potential fraud and require further investigation before acceptance can take place.

Pattern matching involves comparing elements from two different sources (e.g., images) in order to identify similarities between them (e.g., facial recognition). This technique can be used to verify whether two images represent the same person by comparing their features side-by-side in order to determine any similarities between them (e.g., shape, size).

OVI stands for Optical Variable Ink while OVD stands for Optical Variable Device; both techniques use specialized materials which change color based on external factors such as angle or light intensity in order detect counterfeiting attempts more easily than traditional methods alone would allow for.

Color and geometry validation checks involve examining certain visual aspects within an image/document such as color palettes/schemes, shapes/patterns, line thicknesses etc., in order make sure they match up with known standards/specifications associated with genuine IDs/documents.

Crosschecking values across multiple fields and documents is a key component of field crosschecks; this includes comparing Machine Readable Zones (MRZs) in passports to Visual Inspection Zones (VIZs), OCR data on driver's licenses to barcodes, and magnetic strips on credit cards with their respective chip information. This method helps ensure accuracy in forms of identification while providing extra evidence for spotting any potential fraudulent activity.
How it works

Streamline your onboarding process

Speed up your onboarding process by automatically validating ID documents and screening them against AML lists in one go.

Streamline your onboarding process by quickly and securely verifying an uploaded picture of an ID document with FinScan ID Validation right from your onboarding application or a link.

Speed up the process of verifying identity documents in your office or branch with a scanner that makes advanced-level checks.

Cut out the manual labor by using FinScan ID Validation to extract data from ID documents and create a new record for immediate screening.

Accelerate onboarding by automatically screening records against any lists you choose, getting instant results.

Consolidate your customer profiles into a single view that includes ID documents, screening results and other documents - simplifying the process for your team to review essential information from one place.
Global data coverage

Validate ID documents globally

With FinScan ID Validation, you can access a comprehensive library of IDs from over 200 countries, enabling you to authenticate any identification documents and propel your business on an international scale.

6000+ ID documents library

Validate ID documents across a library of more than 6000 documents including driver's licenses, passports, and national identity cards.

200+ countries supported

Verify ID documents from over 200 countries regardless of where your customers or partners are located – easily and quickly.

400+ M trusted identities

FinScan ID Validation has access to a vast database of over 400 million trusted identities so you can quickly cross-reference the information to ensure that the identity is valid.

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