Screening entities and their beneficiaries made simple

With FinScan’s advanced screening technology, organizations can confidently and easily screen their merchants, vendors, suppliers, customers and the beneficial owners of those entities against sanctions lists and PEP and adverse media databases to meet their AML obligations.

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Protecting businesses like

Don’t miss true hits

Leverage FinScan's advanced matching algorithm and built-in data quality engine to minimize the chances of missing true alerts.

Reduce inaccurate alerts

Improve the quality of your data and matching results to drastically reduce false positives and free up your team's time to focus on high-risk customers.

Keep track of UBOs

Identify and monitor UBOs of entities around the world with a comprehensive database of 450M companies and 1.7bn ownership links.

Expand globally

Screen in 80 languages against all leading AML risk databases and over 70 global AML and exclusion lists to expand easily into new markets

How it works

Simplify your KYB process

FinScan simplifies your Know Your Business (KYB) process by allowing you to screen entities against the lists of your choice and streamlining the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) identification and screening process, resulting in quicker and more efficient onboarding of entities.

Screen entities

Seamlessly check entities against the watch lists of your preference through FinScan's native integration with top AML data providers such as LSEG World-Check, Dow Jones, and more.

Identify beneficiaries and owners

FinScan UBO simplifies the Know Your Business (KYB) process by enabling easy identification of beneficial owners of entities and the automatic creation of records in FinScan for screening purposes.

Monitor ownership structure

FinScan UBO automatically updates the list of beneficiaries based on changes in ownership structure and equity holdings, enabling easy monitoring of beneficial owners and changes in risk exposure.

Screen beneficiaries and their wider networks

Use FinScan's platform to screen the beneficial owners of the entities and their associates against sanctions lists, PEPs, and adverse media databases, simplifying your KYB process and minimizing the risk of missing crucial information.
Entity screening optimization

Enhance the reliability of your screening process

Efficiently screen entities for a better Know Your Business (KYB) process with FinScan’s advanced technology. Tackle even the most challenging data quality issues that can lead to missed true alerts, ensuring that risky customers are not overlooked. With FinScan, you can have confidence that your entity screening is thorough and effective.

Hidden company names, misspellings or “Doing Business As (DBA)” records can lead to missed alerts and increased risk exposure for your business. FinScan's advanced algorithm overcomes these challenges by accurately identifying complex name variations and hidden names in other fields.

Cut out noise words and enhance the effectiveness of entity screening with FinScan's advanced technology. Organizations often face difficulty in pinpointing critical information with the inclusion of identifiers like "LLC", "Inc.", and "Corp" in company names. By removing these noise words and concentrating on the core entity name, FinScan's advanced screening technology can reduce the risk of missed alerts and improve screening accuracy.

Organizations can struggle to screen entities due to company acronyms, leading to missed alerts and increased risk. FinScan's advanced screening technology matches acronyms to full names for improved accuracy and efficiency, reducing false positives and ensuring compliance.

FinScan is the perfect solution when a record is not clearly identified as an individual or an entity. In this scenario, FinScan screens customers against both organization and individual AML lists to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

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