Simplify enhanced due diligence

Cut through the complexities of enhanced due diligence investigations. Build custom reports that provide comprehensive insights into risky customers, enabling your team to make precise decisions rapidly.

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Protecting businesses like

Conduct advanced research 

Use FinScan EDD to bridge any investigation gaps and find difficult-to-obtain information about your subject. Easily discover their most recent address, phone number, and close associates. 

Data coverage 

Leverage countless data sources to streamline your investigation workflow, uncover potentially unknown details, and help your team identify any possible problems associated with people or businesses. 

Build custom reports 

Generate custom reports to gain rapid insight into potential risks posed by a person or business, and quickly assess if further investigation is necessary. 

Safer onboarding

Enhance the efficiency of your onboarding process by having your team carry out detailed due diligence on high-risk customers – preventing fines and reputational damage in the long run.

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Leverage billions of data points

Build custom reports to empower your team with the data they need to make informed decisions. Ensure that all critical facets of the investigation process are covered by consistently reporting on the same information.

Locate their most recent address 
Identify SAR, UCC, bankruptcy filings on their name 
Find criminal, incarceration and arrest reports in real time 
Check the validity of Social Security Numbers (SSN) 
Check news, web and social media for information 
Identify their business and personal connections
How it works

The easiest way to enhanced due diligence

Streamline your enhanced due diligence process with FinScan EDD: access information from 1000+ sources, compile it into one comprehensive report, and gain rapid insight into potential risks posed by a person or business.

Build custom reports

Build custom reports that arrange essential information in the format your business needs, empowering your team to rapidly focus on the relevant details and confidently make the best decision.

Generate report 

In one click generate an enhanced due diligence report that compiles data from thousands of sources into a clear and concise document for your team to review rapidly.

Save report

Save reports as part of the customer record, attaching any notes that explain why you have chosen to enter or avoid a business relationship with them.

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