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FinScan helps organizations screen customers against sanctions lists, and PEP and adverse media databases, allowing them to adopt a risk-based approach for their due diligence. With FinScan’s powerful technology, you can run your AML operations with confidence and ease.

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FinScan Customer Screening Software

Prevent false negatives

Unlock the power of FinScan's advanced matching algorithm and improved data quality to ensure greater accuracy and reduce the risk of missing true alerts.

Reduce false positives

Eliminate wasteful false positives caused by inadequate data quality and matching techniques so your team can concentrate on high-risk customers.

Optimize review process

Streamline your case review process with comprehensive alerts, escalation workflows, and queues to prioritize cases that require immediate attention.

Scale globally

FinScan makes it effortless to enter new markets and centralize your screening, with access to over 70 global AML and exclusion lists and screening in 80 languages.

Reduce risk

Minimize false negatives

With FinScan, you can tackle the most challenging data quality issues responsible for missing true alerts, giving you peace of mind that risky customers don’t go undetected.

Start with a data quality analysis to help you gain a better understanding of your customer data, improve consistency for more successful matching, and configure your matching algorithm for optimal results. This way, you can be sure that the most challenging data quality issues won't lead to false negatives and that all risky customers are detected.

Take advantage of FinScan to analyze all your data and uncover any additional “hidden” names that must be screened. For example, FinScan can find the names attached to a joint account or stored in a different field that may have otherwise gone undetected. This automated process creates separate records for every individual or company name it finds in a record and then screens them, so you don't fail in your obligations.

FinScan makes sure your AML lists are always up to date and standardized to match the format of your customer data for optimized matching results. Plus, FinScan's advanced monitoring system notifies you immediately of any updates to list profiles, as well as any additional alerts that may be generated.

FinScan's parsing technology is able to identify and ignore titles, suffixes, prefixes and acronyms in the name field that can otherwise reduce the accuracy of your matching. This ensures that only names are screened for more precise results.

FinScan's ability to detect true hits, even if names are not in the right order, is a huge advantage when dealing with complex naming conventions. For example, Arabic names that typically consist of five parts or Spanish names that include both paternal and maternal surnames can be accurately identified by FinScan.

FinScan's ability to detect true hits even when different name elements are concatenated is incredibly beneficial, as it prevents money launderers and fraudsters from using this practice to go undetected by screening software.

FinScan is the perfect solution when a record is not clearly identified as an individual or an entity. In this scenario, we screen customers against both organization and individual AML lists to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

A global financial institution uncovers 82 sanction violations with FinScan

Optimize your screening

Reducing false positives

FinScan helps your team reduce the time-consuming workload of false positives. FinScan’s powerful technology tackles data challenges that can lead to false positives, so you can rest assured that your team is focusing on the customers who need the most attention.

FinScan ensures that your customer data and AML list data are consistent in format, allowing you to tighten your matching criteria's fuzziness and reduce false positives.

FinScan Match Simulator gives you the power to adjust matching criteria and set field-level fuzziness, allowing you to measure how different configurations affect false positives without having to deploy them in your production environment.

FinScan Data Prep helps you easily identify and link duplicates so that only the parent record needs to be screened and reviewed. Once the cases are reviewed, the results are forwarded for inclusion in all duplicate records. This saves your team from having to review the same alerts multiple times and your IT team the hassle of dealing with duplicate issues - all while keeping the data structure of your source applications intact.

FinScan helps you filter AML list content to select the exact regions and sanctioned profiles you want to screen your customers against, drastically reducing the potential for false positives.

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Improve efficiency

Save time reviewing cases

FinScan helps your team take control of their workload by reducing the time necessary to review cases and improving the decision-making process. With greater alert transparency and better escalation workflow, FinScan helps you make the most of your team’s time and resources.

With FinScan, you can prioritize cases based on importance and create queues to ensure your team is focusing on the most critical cases.

Gain clarity into why an alert was triggered by the algorithm so your team can swiftly review and take the most effective actions.

Eliminate the hassle of manually escalating suspicious alerts with FinScan's one-click escalation workflow, designed for efficient 4-eye checks.

FinScan's dashboard provides an instant overview of cases, allowing you to manage resources more efficiently and spot any anomalies quickly.

FinScan's audit trail allows you to trace every case to its source, guaranteeing that all AML data and customer information is accurately recorded and compliant with regulatory standards.
Scale globally

Support your business globally

With FinScan, your business can easily stay compliant with international AML regulations. Plus, FinScan is designed to grow with your business, allowing you to process large volumes of customers quickly and efficiently.

With FinScan, you can easily access the AML lists you need and customize them to fit the requirements of any jurisdiction you operate in, all from one platform.

FinScan offers native-to-native character screening, providing you with the same level of accuracy regardless of the alphabet used.

FinScan's powerful technology can detect intricate patterns in naming conventions, enabling it to accurately screen Arabic names with up to five parts and Spanish names with both paternal and maternal surnames. This ensures greater accuracy and improved results.

As your customer base expands, FinScan can easily scale up to meet your needs without compromising performance. FinScan is trusted by companies with hundreds of millions of customers, so you can be sure it can handle your growth.

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