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One platform for all your KYC & AML needs

Easily choose the FinScan capabilities you need to comply with global regulations and strengthen your AML operations.

Customer screening

Identify customers on global sanctions, PEP and adverse media databases.

Entity screening

Screen entities and UBOs against global sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists.

Payment screening

Check payment message attributes and block high-risk activities in real time.

Error-resilient screening

Improve your screening accuracy and efficiency by fixing data anomalies.

UBO due diligence

Identify and screen UBOs against applicable AML lists.

ID validation

Verify customers' ID documents quickly and accurately.

Risk scoring

Evaluate the potential risks associated with business relationships.

Enhanced due diligence

Conduct thorough and well-documented AML investigations for high-risk customers (US only).

Integrate screening into existing workflows

Run your screening process the way you want – without sacrificing performance or features.


Embed your screening process into your applications and perform queries in real time or preset schedules.


Screen large quantities of records in one go, with the ability to pre-set schedules.


Screen people and organizations with ease, right from your web browser in just a few clicks.
Data agnostic

Global list coverage

Screen against the latest sanctions and watchlists, PEP and adverse media databases, or internal lists. With FinScan, you don’t have to worry about manually updating your lists – we take care of it for you, so you can focus on other important tasks. View FinScan managed lists.

Third-party lists

FinScan natively integrates with leading AML risk data providers, such as Dow Jones and LSEG World-Check. Access up-to-date data on watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and adverse media from a single platform.

FinScan managed lists

FinScan provides access to over 70 public sanctions and exclusion lists, including OFAC, HM Treasury, EU consolidated and terrorist lists, PEPs, OCC lists, and more.
Data quality

Avoid costly mistakes with better data quality

Address frequent data quality issues that impact screening results. Better data allows you to reduce false positives while uncovering hidden risks that could otherwise cause false negatives, exposing your business to hefty penalties and reputational damage.
Improving data quality reveals hundreds of previously undetected OFAC hits for P&C insurer.
Screening algorithm

Powerful screening technology

FinScan’s proprietary screening algorithm provides more accurate and comprehensive results, is multilingual and multicultural, and allows you to test configurations and measure impacts before moving to production.

Matching criteria
Choose the matching criteria that best suits your data sets for improved screening results.
Fuzzy matching field level
Tap into the power of fuzzy matching to get the best possible results with customized field control.
Comprehensive matching
Understand the underlying details of alerts to provide compliance teams and regulators with a clearer picture of your matching logic.
Match configuration testing
Test your configuration with the FinScan Predictive Simulator and preview expected alerts volume before going live.
Languages and culture coverage
Take advantage of our matching technology that understands linguistic and cultural differences, enabling limitless business growth on a global scale.
Case management

Improve your team productivity

Compliance teams across different industries helped us create an intuitive case management tool –

designed to improve productivity while still allowing for precise risk detection.

Enhance your team's productivity and strengthen adoption with an interface that is easy to use and navigate.

Empower your team with comprehensive and transparent alerts that can be quickly analyzed and resolved, enabling them to make informed decisions faster.

Implement procedures and notification schedules for escalating cases to higher levels of authority for further review and decision making.

Make sure every customer that has already been examined and deemed not to be a hit is securely added to a safe list so alerts are triggered only if there is a change in their profile.

Securely store documents related to each case for easy access when needed.

Securely assign different levels of rights per user role, ensuring that only authorized users and admins access sensitive data.

Efficiently manage your screening activities and staff productivity with real-time snapshot of pending, open and resolved alerts.

Operating efficiently at scale: How a credit card issuer screened over 375 million records from 14 data feeds.

Audit trail

Audit in real time

FinScan’s audit trail makes it easy to track every case back to its origin, ensuring that all AML data and customer information is accurately recorded and compliant with regulators’ requirements.

Trace workflow actions

Trace list changes

Trace record changes


Protect your customer data

Pick the right deployment option that meets your data security, privacy and efficiency needs and stays compliant with data protection regulations.


With public or private cloud options, you won't have to worry about software updates or scalability - just watch your business grow.

On premise

Gain total control over your own infrastructure with dedicated support for maintenance, back-ups, security protocols, and updates.


Combine the best of SaaS and on premise to seamlessly adapt to different jurisdictional requirements.

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