KYC & Customer Onboarding

Integrated AML checks for seamless customer onboarding

Make your onboarding operations safer and more efficient with integrated compliance checks done right from your CRM system.


Deliver a frictionless onboarding experience

FinScan integrates seamlessly with your CRM or internal KYC applications for real-time AML screening that won’t interrupt your business activities.

Secure integration

Robust, proprietary APIs provide interoperability with leading CRM applications, document repositories, single sign-on environments, and other internal core systems via standards-based interfaces.

Rapid results

Consistent AML alert responses are delivered in under 5 milliseconds against 4 million+ compliance records.

Faster onboarding

Real-time results and intuitive review enable safe, easy, and confident customer transactions that foster a positive customer experience while minimizing AML risks.

How it works

Simplify KYC and onboarding workflow management

Securely connect CRM applications

Use our robust API sets, SOAP, and interactive run-time environments to automate bi-directional data flows while also adding security and governance via roles and authentication services.

Create custom matching projects

Apply granular matching rules by risk level, client application, internal data source, and compliance lists to enable a risk-based approach.

Explainable disposition of alerts

Onboard or review customers based on feedback received in the CRM systems indicating PASS, FAIL, or PENDING status.

Enhanced ongoing monitoring

Automatically re-screen your customers for any changes in their status.

Explore our modules

We help our clients establish seamless onboarding/KYC workflow management systems to ensure they are in full compliance with new regulations and meeting the stringent demands of their industry.

AML screening

Screen against sanctions and watch lists, PEP databases, adverse media, and internal lists.

ID Validation

Detect fraudulent IDs and screen against any watch lists instantly.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Identify and screen Ultimate Beneficial Owners of entity customers.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Push your risk investigations further with Enhanced Due Diligence.

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