Batch & Ongoing Screening

Fully-automated ongoing AML checks at any scale

Schedule ongoing screening and continuous monitoring of customers and organizations against global sanctions, PEPs, regulatory watch lists, UBOs, and internally-managed lists.


A scalable and highly-configurable screening solution

Whether you need to screen thousands of records or hundreds of millions, FinScan batch screening is the perfect solution for your compliance needs.

Precise and accurate

Granular and configurable matching rules to pinpoint the exact matches you want to review — by risk level, internal data source, and compliance list — to enable a truly risk-based approach.

Simple and intuitive

Efficient and customizable workflow to manage sanctions updates, including the integration of new lists such as sanctions watch lists, negative news, and internal lists.

Transparent and efficient

Proprietary matching technology provides explainable and transparent match results that expedite your clearing of the hits and make it easier to explain your decisions to regulators.

How it works

Automate your ongoing process with batch screening

Load records

Connect your internal systems (ERP, CRM & other 3rd party systems) to FinScan via an API or ETL process.

Data cleansing

Parse and standardize incomplete and inaccurate data fields for compliance-specific data preparation.

Matching process

Generate alerts based on transparent and explainable cognitive pattern-based matching technology.

Alert resolution

Filter, prioritize, and remediate alerts with intelligent safe list functionality to prevent redundant reviews.

Deployment options

Easy to implement and integrate

Choose any deployment method to meet your business’s data security, data privacy, and efficiency requirements.

On premise

Can be deployed remotely, via a secured/controlled connection, or on-site by our experienced consultants. Backed by well-proven expertise gained from providing on-premise solutions for more than 45 years.


FinScan’s Quick SaaS Deployment Program will have you up and running in 24 hours. Includes access to test and production servers to dramatically reduce IT cycle times in managing sanctions updates.


Powered by SOC II Type 2/ISO 27001-certified global data centers to support data privacy regulations critical in hybrid environments. 24/7 support is provided for all hardware and software applications, with full backups and disaster recovery.

Robust & scalable

Designed to scale with your company’s growth

100+ Billion

SaaS records screened annually

5 Milliseconds

Response time to search results against 4 million compliance records

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