FinScan Overview

The only AML screening platform with a built-in data quality engine

Screen individuals and organizations globally with FinScan’s powerful API and software solutions designed to help you fight financial crime.


Screen at each stage of your customer journey

Whether you need to screen your customers during onboarding or perform ongoing screening, FinScan is the perfect solution for your business.

Streamline onboarding

Get precise real-time KYC information to ensure an easy and automated onboarding process.

Enhance ongoing screening

Automatically re-screen your customers for any changes in their status.

Reduce false positives

Increase your efficiency with a 10x false positive rate reduction without increasing risk.

Optimize your screening

Reduce false positives

The quality of your screening is only as good as the quality of your data. FinScan is the only AML screening solution to address this challenge with a built-in data quality engine.

Built-in data quality engine

FinScan is experienced in data quality management. We profile, cleanse, and deduplicate your records. Our platform is built to properly prepare your data for AML screening.

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AI matching algorithm

Our matching technology works with transparent, granular match patterns that expose the reasons for the match and provides an audit trail to help you explain your rationale to regulators.

Processing technology

Choose the data processing technology that is right for your business

For onboarding and ongoing screening, easily integrate FinScan with your internal and third-party applications for a seamless workflow.

Real-time screening

Use our powerful APIs to screen clients on-the-spot for efficient and safe customer onboarding and subsequent transactions.

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Batch screening

Automate high-volume screening of your database on a pre-defined schedule to ensure effective ongoing screening.

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Ad-hoc screening

Use FinScan’s file upload functionality for ad-hoc screening to support manual screening requirements outside of your regular workflow.

Compliance data

Screen against any lists of your choice

FinScan prepares, cleanses, and automatically updates any watch lists and all leading third-party high-risk databases, as well as any internal lists.

Sanctions & watch lists

Screen individuals and entities against rigorously maintained and updated regulatory sanctions and watch lists.

PEP and RCA data

Identify individuals entrusted with prominent public functions and responsibilities and their immediate family members for a comprehensive understanding of risk exposure.

SIP, SIE and adverse media

Screen your customers for negative news against leading third-party enhanced risk intelligence databases to preempt financial and reputational risk.

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