Precision-Driven AML Screening Software

Unlock a new era of AML compliance with FinScan. Our cutting-edge software combines precision screening with unparalleled scalability, making it the ideal solution for large organizations. Experience a significant reduction in false positives and embrace a compliance strategy that matches your ambition.

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Join over 300 organizations worldwide that rely on FinScan for their AML screening needs.

275+ billion

We screen over 275 billion records annually, offering a scalable solution renowned for its precision and efficiency.

120+ data feeds

Efficiently centralizing multi-regional AML infrastructure, monitoring 30M+ customer records and transactions for sanctions violations every day.

FinScan's AML screening software

Experience the advantages that fuel our AML screening solutions. With comprehensive data coverage, reduced false positives, and intuitive case management, we’re committed to enhancing your compliance operations.

Screen against any AML list

FinScan seamlessly integrates with industry-leading AML data providers, enabling you to conduct screenings for sanctions, PEPs, watchlists, and adverse media.

Reduced false positives

Our advanced algorithms and data quality engine significantly minimize false alerts, allowing your team to focus on genuine threats rather than sifting through irrelevant noise.

Review alerts promptly

Seamlessly manage AML alerts with an intuitive interface, streamlining investigations and ensuring compliance without the headache.

One platform for all your AML screening needs

From individuals to entities and transactions (including SWIFT), FinScan seamlessly handles all types of records, so you can manage all your AML screening operations from one platform.

Customer screening

Identify customers on sanctions, PEP, and adverse media databases.

Entity screening

Screen entities and UBOs against the AML lists of your choice.

Transaction screening

Check transaction attributes and block suspicious activities.

Everything you need to ensure compliance

Discover a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline and enhance your AML compliance efforts. From real-time screening to meticulous audit trails, we provide everything you need to ensure regulatory adherence with confidence and ease.

Real-time screening
Guarantee swift onboarding and ongoing operations for your customers, providing an efficient and frictionless AML screening experience.
Ongoing monitoring
Regularly screening your entire customer base for any changes in status on sanctions, PEP, or watchlists, ensuring swift due diligence and proactive risk management.
Case management
Manage AML alerts with ease, from documentation to resolution, ensuring a systematic and compliant approach.
Gain valuable insights with our user-friendly dashboard, providing a visual representation of your AML compliance efforts and operations.
Generate detailed reports for regulatory authorities, showcasing your commitment to AML compliance.
Audit trail
Maintain a detailed record of all AML screening activities, offering greater transparency when facing regulator reviews and audits.

Integrate AML screening into existing workflows

Run your screening process the way you want – without sacrificing performance or features.


Integrate FinScan directly into your existing systems and workflows with FinScan robust API.


Process large volumes of data in batches, streamlining your AML screening efforts.


Screen data on an as-needed basis, adapting to your unique requirements with ad-hoc screening.

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