Advisory Services

Holistic compliance risk management that drives business value

FinScan Advisory Services helps clients around the world with financial crimes risk management. We work with commercial and retail banks, insurance companies, financial services, FinTechs, and non-financial entities to help them meet regulatory obligations through seamless integration with business operations, driving customer value and overall profitability.

The AML compliance challenge

Balancing customer profitability with AML risk

Lack of expertise in incorporating regulatory guidance and the latest regulatory updates combined with fragmented and non-standardized AML and KYC processes results in a negative customer experience and loss of business value.

Fragmented systems and data sources

Disjointed applications with siloed, inconsistent, and incomplete data feeds translate to poor processing cycles and lower staff productivity.

Operational inefficiencies

A lack of robust, documented policies and procedures integrated with workflows leads to sub-optimal regulatory reporting, lookbacks, and additional investigation requests.

Understanding customer relationships

Poor control and analytics in understanding customer data, products, services, and geographies leads to inaccurate customer risk categorization and segmentation.


Partnering with FinScan Advisory Services

FinScan Advisory Services is a paradigm shift in compliance risk management. We have redefined the role and meaning of compliance risk management from a “check-the-box” regulatory function to one that drives business value.

We deliver solutions aimed at addressing the many challenges faced by today’s compliance officer, from strategic integration with business partners to addressing key compliance requirements such as risk and program assessments, regulatory guidance, and data governance challenges.

FinScan Advisory Services:

  • Compliance Culture Assessment
  • Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Program Assessment
  • Compliance Data and Data Governance
  • Compliance Organization and Staffing Assessment
  • Compliance Training – Program and Content
  • Compliance Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Model Services
  • Compliance Independent Testing
  • Qualified Independent Consultant
  • Lookbacks and Investigations

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