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AML solutions to protect your business from financial crime

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AML Screening

Screen against watch lists, PEPs, MRBs, UBOs & adverse media.

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Data Prep

Start with better data to reduce false positives & identify hidden risk.

FinScan Transaction Screening

Transaction Screening

Detect & stop high-risk transactions in real time.

FinScan ID Validation

ID Validation

Detect fraudulent IDs & screen against any watch lists instantly.

FinScan UBO Screening

Ultimate Beneficial Owners

Identify & screen UBOs of entity customers.

FinScan EDD

Enhanced Due Diligence

Deep dive into your risk investigation with EDD.

FinScan Premium+

Make your data compliance-ready for the most accurate screening results.

Real-life Case Study

Missing true AML alerts due to data errors.

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