Effective AML programs start with good data and technology

FinScan offers comprehensive KYC & AML solutions from one user-friendly platform, with improved data quality for more accurate results. Try it now and see the difference.

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Unified platform

An integrated suite of KYC and AML solutions

Manage all your KYC & AML operations in one place. Easily access the data you need with our user-friendly interface to gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial crime risk.

Core Platform

Customer screening

Identify customers on sanctions, PEP, and adverse media databases.
Core Platform

Entity screening

Screen entities and UBOs against the AML lists of your choice.
Core Platform

Payment screening

Check payment attributes and block high-risk activities.

Data prep

Improve your screening accuracy and efficiency by fixing data anomalies.

UBO due diligence

Identify and screen UBOs against applicable AML lists.

ID documents validation

Verify customers' ID documents quickly and accurately.

Risk scoring

Determine a customer’s potential risk based on products, activities, geography, and other factors.

Enhanced due diligence

Conduct thorough and well-documented AML investigations for high-risk customers (US customers only).

Advisory services

Maximize the efficiency of your AML program with guidance from FinScan AML experts.

The KYC & AML platform that protects thousands of businesses

FinScan helps organizations perform advanced regulatory checks at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Partner with our technologists and advisors to tailor FinScan to your requirements.

FinScan for Financial Services

FinScan is the go-to solution for leading financial institutions seeking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to AML & CTF compliance. FinScan comprehensive solution empowers financial services organizations to optimize their account opening and AML monitoring operations, while proactively detecting and mitigating risks.
FinScan AML Solutions for Banks and Financial Services

FinScan for Insurance

FinScan's innovative solution helps insurance companies adhere to AML compliance standards at every stage of the policy lifecycle, from purchase to payouts. FinScan advanced AML solution enables insurance companies to proactively detect and mitigate risks, enhancing their overall risk management capabilities.

FinScan for Healthcare

FinScan enables healthcare providers to verify patient identities and conduct due diligence checks on patients and providers to ensure that they are operating in compliance with AML regulatory requirements and industry best practices. By leveraging FinScan advanced technology, healthcare organizations quickly and accurately identify and assess the risks associated with a patient or provider.

FinScan for Credit Card Issuers

FinScan's innovative solution helps credit card issuers safely onboard and proactively monitor customers, supplemental cardholders, and merchants for any changes in their risk profiles. With FinScan, issuers can quickly and accurately identify potential risks, allowing them to take proactive measures to prevent fraud and protect their business from money laundering.

Helping you select the best AML solution

Are you looking for an AML solution provider that can exceed your expectations and provide invaluable insights? We have compiled a list of articles to help you find the perfect fit.

The Importance of Matching Technology in AML Compliance

The Importance of Matching Technology in AML Compliance

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9 Things to Consider When Evaluating an AML Solution

9 Things to Consider When Evaluating an AML Solution

With ever evolving regulatory requirements, selecting an AML vendor can become a daunting task. Laying out the critical components of different AML solutions lets you easily evaluate and find the right software for your business.
Stop Poor Data Quality from Deteriorating your AML Program Effectiveness

Stop Poor Data Quality from Deteriorating your AML Program Effectiveness

There are two types of companies operating today – those that acknowledge the impact poor data has on AML screening and those that act on...

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